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The Danish Chamber Players
- a musical dynamo

Founded in 1991, the Danish Chamber Players (Storstrøms Kammerensemble) has established it self as one of the leading chamber ensembles on the national scene.
Due to it's specific combination of eight instruments (flute, clarinet, bassoon, harp, piano, violin, viola and cello), Danish Chamber Players has a unique sonority and a distinct repertoire including Danish music and contemporary works in the international tradition.

At Fuglsang
Danish Chamber Players resides at Fuglsang Estate, a 19th century castle on the island of Lolland, thus continuing the rich musical tradition of this idyllic place, where, among other composers and musicians, Carl Nielsen and Edvard Grieg frequently sought tranquillity and inspiration.

A regional ensemble
As a state-financed regional ensemble, the Danish Chamber Players are required to produce professional classical music at the highest level, i.e. by performing in concert, recording CDs, etc. The ensemble also undertakes a number of interesting developmental tasks in its allotted role as a musical "dynamo", for example by supporting the region's local talent with training, workshops, master classes, meetings, etc.
The ensemble's musicians also form the backbone of the region's symphony orchestra, in which the ensemble musicians function as "playing instructors", responsible for the development of the various orchestral groups and for enhancing the overall artistic level of the orchestra. The symphony orchestra consists both of young talents and older, seasoned and experienced musicians - both amateurs and professionals.

The chamber ensemble's musicians also undertake solo performances and teaching tasks (instruction of soloists, instrument groups, chamber ensembles or orchestras), as well as giving concerts as a chamber ensemble.

The Danish Chamber Players have worked with a number of prominent conductors, soloists and composers, and have performed with a repertoire stretching from Renaissance music to contemporary works, with small and large ensembles, and from experimental musical drama productions to the core repertoire of symphonic music and intimate chamber music.

The Danish Chamber Players possess a broad network of contacts with all of the principal actors in Danish music, including the musical academies and other institutions of musical education, concert organisers, festivals and public authorities, and with actors from other musical genres and other cultural areas.

Concert tours has taken place in Sweden, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Singapore, Australia and Argentina.

Danish Chamber Players received the Danish Music Critics Award 1996.

The Danish Chamber Players
Nystedvej 73
DK-4891 Toreby L
Tel: (+45) 54 87 44 48 -



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